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Removals & Car Transport


main_image_moving                                                   You might find coordinating your local furniture removal, office relocation or backload

                                                    & your car Transport stressful. 1300 backload is your local removalist. We have helped

                                                    1000’s of Australian  Families settle into their new homes whether it is just a local move

                                                    interstate removal or Backload or car & pet transport. Due to the large volume of Cars our

                                                    Contractors ship, we are able to offer better rates for our customers.  

                                                   Planning Ahead

                                                   Whilst most people plan for interstate relocations and Car transport  they tend to leave

                                                   planning for a local move to the last minute. The first step is to book your chosen removalist.

                                                   As with any  industry, the best removalist get booked out first so ensure to book as soon as

                                                   possible. Where Cars transport or pet relocation is required, Get a separate quote & an

all inclusive package deal. We will be able to assist you. We can offer substantial discounts if you book your Car Transport,

Pet Relocation and Furniture Removals through our agents.

We can assist in matching and choosing the right removalist  & Car Transporter for you based on their experience and location. We

supply Quality Removal & Car Transporters who are  professionally equipped to undertake your move.


Moving Boxes



                                                            Before the move, buy your moving boxes and supplies online or from a Storage location. 

                                                            Many companies will deliver To your door for a small fee.  Email us for any questions you

                                                            might have or we could refer you to a moving supplies company. We are the move

                                                             specialists and we are happy to assist. Simply fill in the quote request or email your

                                                            contact details to greens1897@gmail.com and one of our moving consultants will

                                                            contact you within 24 hours.





Many families find 1300 backload the Solution they have been looking for. We will help take the pressure off. At 1300backload

you only need to complete The online enquiry form only once. We will analyze your requirements and match the best removal

& Car Transport Company for your upcoming move. Our tailored approach eliminates the guess work and we will get the best

Removal & Car Transport Quote for Your local  move..


I Have Heard of Backloads & Backloading – What does it mean for my Move or Car Tranport?


House+Moving                                                       Backload, Backloads and Backloading are all generic terms used in the freight &

                                                        furniture removals industry. A Company based in Melbourne will quote on the work going

                                                       to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra or Perth. Once the Furniture Removalist and

                                                       removals truck have completed their delivery the truck has to come back for its next

                                                       load. In most cases these trucks come back empty. By offering discounted rates for

                                                       (Backloads) these furniture removal and freight companies hope to  secure loads for the



return trip. This in essence is how backloads and backloading originated. It is a term widely used in Australia. With the Great

Australian Landscape being so vast it can become a costly exercise to move between various regions. It is the main reason

Australian families turn to Quality Backloading  Removalists for a fair price for their local & interstate moves as well as their

Car transport. With our network of removal companies and Car Movers we are I the fortunate position in knowing in advance

Which Companies will be in your state or who is returning? By utilizing interstate & local move crews and Car Movers  we are

able to draw on a broader network of skilled and trained removal professionals who otherwise will be inaccessible.


1300 backload

1300 backload originated in Melbourne in 1996. Originally a removals company it quickly grew to one of Australia’s Premier

Backloading Companies. Over the past few years we have evolved into removals broking business providing solutions to move

Furniture as well as Car & Pet Transport.  We match your relocation requirements to Companies seeking backloads to get

their vehicles / containers  & Car Movers back to their removals There is no charge to you our customer. The removals

company pays us a fee for our services. This ensures a win-win outcome for you, the removal companies & The Car



 How Does It Work

 Simply enter your inventory once – we will forward the details to the Best suited Companies and a Moving Consultant will

 contact you with the best deal.

  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

                                                                   << Contact Us >>



 Why Are We So Competitive?


 We have helped match and relocate 1000’s of Australian Families with the right removal & Car Transport Companies.

 We commenced operations with local Moves than branched out to interstate removals and backloads over the past decade

 Students, Pensioners and sports people moving home locally or interstate  utilize our services. Only Removal Companies &

Car  Movers with a proven history are invited to quote for our work. Increasing Demand for our Services by Removal & Car

Transport companies translates to better pricing and service for you. It is a win-win outcome.



                                                                                            Key Benefits



                                                                                       Why 1300 Backload?


                                                                                                Local Moves


                                                                Independent Quotes


                                       Car Transport /Bike          Choice of Road or Rail

                                           Up To 30% Cheaper         Independent Contractors

                                      100 %  Australian Owned       Same Truck & Driver All The Way

                    Daily From Most Centres in Australia   Free Obligation Free Quotes And Advice

          New Fleets – No Job Too Big or Too Small   Global Positioning & Tracking 24 Hours / 7 Days


                                          Email Us Before You Commit to Your Move:  <<Contact Us>>

     “As a family which has moved states on several occasions I feel I am qualified to offer an experienced opinion of   the service we

       received from 1300 Backload in late September to move us from Melbourne to Gracemere (QLD).   I contacted several

       removal companies which I found in the yellow pages and 1300 Backload from the phone number on one of their trucks which

        was on the freeway when I was driving home from work.  Quite a few did not bother to respond to the phone messages I left but

       1300 Backload was prompt and friendly.   I must admit I was a little disorganized with my listing and after receiving the first

        quote altered my details and received an additional cost which was no problem to the company.   The Operations team made every

        effort to ensure that my move was to be as little stress as is possible in such a large move.   Our driver (Alex) and his off sider were

        competent, friendly, careful and responsive to my needs as the client.  This applied to both the loading up and the unloading.  I would

        not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a move and would definitely use them again if I have the need.

      Yours truly,
     Janet Cook



Your one stop furniture removals, storage & Car Transport solution. – Local, Interstate & International





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